2003 - England

Our mission trip to England was an experience never to be forgotten. We spent our first two days leading a small youth retreat in the countryside of mid-Wales. During these couple days we bonded with about 15 kids in a youth group from Solihull, England. From the retreat, we traveled to Solihull. Our group was divided and sent to our host homes where we experienced warm hospitality and a bit of British culture.

Throughout the week we met with four religious leaders of various denominations to discuss with them the status of religion in their society. We quickly realized how blessed we are to have the freedom that we so often take for granted. We spent time prayer-walking in Solihull, mingling with troubled teens at a local hangout (a more challenging experience than we expected), leading bible studies and times of worship, and sharing our testimonies. We concluded our wholesome experience on our last day by touring the fascinating city of London.