GO THE DISTANCE & Gailey Mission Adventures

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May & June, 2008   "GO THE DISTANCE" :  3,512 mile bike ride UFCCH fund raiser


MAY 2010   "GO THE DISTANCE AGAIN" :   1,300 miles


MAY 2012  "HOME SWEET HOME RIDE" from Troy, NY to Gainesville FL : 1,612 miles


MAY 2014  "MISSISSIPPI RIVER RIDE" from Itasca SP, MN to New Orleans, LA : 1,909 miles


MAY 2016  "FLORIDA CHURCH TO CHURCH RIDE" from Gville to Daphne, AL and back, PanHandle, FL: 1,025  miles


MAY 2020 "FLORIDA CoVid 19 Ride" from Gville to Okeechobee, Tampa to Jax: