LOVE OFFERINGS (donations)

from various

Individuals & Churches are what help to make the

UF Christian Campus House function throughout the year. 


We do "NOT" receive funding from the University. 


UF CCH is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The IRS granted this tax status to UF CCH on January 23, 2001.


UF CCH is blessed to have:

 - Our Board of Directors overseeing our budget

 - Our TREASURER (who is a CPA)...that does a quarterly audit

 - Professional Bookkeeper/CPA with tax consulting  & we are


 “Guidestar” with the IRS. (Form 990)

 - Our UF CCH lawyer 


Here are a few ways that you can help to make a difference at UF CCH.

  • GROCERIES:  We spend about $350.00 per week (food, drinks, paper goods) for  

       our Weekly Meal and Message BIBLE STUDY, UF CCH lunches, other meals throughout the week,                                                              Welcome Week meals, CAFE, pre-game meals,etc...  (7,000 + meals a year)

  • Resources 

  • OUTREACH and Special Activities  

  • Mission Trips

  • English Corner

  • Travel

  • Promotion

  • God's House:   Christian Campus House Maintenance, Insurance, Utilities, Trees, etc... 

We also collect from folks >>>

GIFT CARDS (Sams, Walmart, VISA, Mastercard, etc...) 


Peanut Butter, Grape JAM 

& Bottled Waters 

for our

Community Outreach that feeds the HOMELESS.


All donations to UF CCH are tax deductible.  We are 501(c)3  with the IRS.



A check can be made out and sent to:

   UF Christian Campus House
    P.O. Box 5009
    Gainesville, FL  32627-5009




Now you can donate online securely using PayPal.


Please note:  Each online gift given via PayPal,

UF CCH incurs a nominal fee   (approx 3% per transaction).

If able, please consider giving an additional amount to cover this small fee.

Please note, your entire gift is considered a charitable contribution, the fee is not subtracted.

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